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June 2016

Terms & Conditions


    • All event-goers, regardless of age, will require a ticket.
    • Anyone aged 15 or under must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. If you are 18 or over and are accompanying a minor to the event you may be asked to show I.D at the gate, if you are lucky enough to look under 25 (Challenge 25 policy). We cannot issue refunds to under 15s who are not accompanied by an adult.
    • A sensible ratio of adults (18yrs or over) to children (those aged under 15yrs) will be required at point of buying tickets and at point of entry. This is at the event organiser’s discretion.
    • Please check the program each day before you purchase to avoid disappointment. The organisers’ reserve the right to change and amend the event programme without prior notification & cannot be held responsible for elements of the programme that are cancelled or changed.
    • Proof of age will be required at all bars when alcohol is being purchased. We operate a very strict Challenge 25 policy. Persons drinking alcohol may be asked to provide valid I.D. at any time.
    • Valid forms of ID include valid photo driving licence and passport only.
    • We reserve the right to refuse admission, re-admission to, or request that you leave the event at any time.
    • Re-entry to the event will be permitted, but please note you will still be required to queue and be searched when re-entering the site. No re-entry will be permitted within 30 minutes of the published closing times.
    • We advise that you arrive in plenty of time as various areas within the event site may be subject to capacity.
    • There will be 100% bag search policy on all bags brought into the event.
    • You may be subject to searching at any time during the event
    • Ensure you look into travel arrangements before you buy your tickets. While we make every effort to help and advise on travel options on our website, we cannot give refunds for problems with getting to and from the event.
    • Accessible viewing platforms will be provided in prime locations to watch the racing, and will be available on a first come, first served basis.
    • No alcohol or glass can be brought into the event, due to the licensing restrictions placed upon us.
    • Factory Sealed water containers may be brought onto site. Any other liquids will not be permitted. This is also a condition of our license. Empty drinking water bottles can be brought onto site to be filled from one of the supplied free drinking water points.
    • No food to be brought into the venue – we will have a wide range of food concessions inside the venue. A reasonable amount of baby/toddler food will be permitted.
    • No fires or BBQs are permitted on site.
    • Registered Guide/assistance dogs are permitted; no other animals are allowed into the event.
    • Camping chairs and similar seating will be permitted on site. However there may be restrictions placed on their use in certain crowded areas.
    • Illegal substances, drugs and/or legal highs and herbal highs will not be tolerated at the Americas Cup Word Series Chicago Event. Bag searches will be in operation and if you are found to be in possession or using any such substances you will be evicted from the event site and/or be handed over to the police.
    • Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of the event organiser – such items may include tents, placards, spray paints, glass bottles (except for medication); walkie-talkies, phone jammers or radio scanners; bikes, folding bikes, roller blades or skateboards; all types of knives or bladed items; any offensive weapons; personal protection sprays; firearms or ammunition; fireworks, explosives, flares or smoke canisters; hazardous or toxic materials; laser pointers; drones, or UAVs.
    • Visitors are to cooperate with and obey instructions or directions given by the event stewards.
    • The taking of photographs and footage for commercial use is strictly prohibited
    • Photographers and film crews will be present at this event and images are likely to be used by independent media outlets and in future marketing campaigns, if you do not wish to appear please advise the photographer or film crew or move out of their way when shooting.
    • CCTV is in operation at all times and images are being recorded for the purposes of crime prevention and crowd safety.
    • Visitors are reminded that they are not to act in any way that is offensive, obscene or derogatory in nature or defamatory to any third party.
    • We reserve the right to change and amend these terms and conditions from time to time.